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Eat up across the color spectrum to maximize protective antioxidants and vitamins, including green leafy vegetables, berries, and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli. Researchers believe there is not a single cause of Alzheimer's disease. These fats can cause inflammation and produce free radicals—both of which are hard on the brain.

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By adjusting your eating habits, however, you can help reduce inflammation and protect your brain. Trouble completing ordinary tasks. No reviews have been left for this this report. The fourth group went through training with a computer to increase their ability to process visually.

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The MIND diet places more importance on eating whole grains daily but the Canadian version doesn't have a particular suggestion regarding this. In the span of a decade, 2, older adults who were cognitively healthy with While it will never be easy, we'll show you some ways to make daily care giving a little smoother.

For example, he may no longer be able to balance a checkbook or pay bills.

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