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Their businesses also include medical devices, power generation, and household appliances.

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Typically, a discussion around system architecture ensues. Transition 2: Analytics helps organizations transition from myopic to holistic. And they have very few choices in suppliers.

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The company manages the negative effects of these changes through strategic emphasis on performance improvements in its other operating segments. Due to energy companies entering the market, GE may lose customers to their competitors. Managers at General Electric must strategically take such opportunities in the external business environment to counteract the consequences of threats facing the conglomerate. The weaknesses shown in this component of the SWOT analysis of General Electric Company highlight the benefits of strategic changes in growing the business despite its limitations. General Electric needs to apply strategies that suit the effects of such internal and external factors. In particular, Immelt's democratic and motivational leadership has transformed the leadership style into an Student ID: Page 4 of 17 innovative culture highly regarded as "Imagination of work" within General Electric, thus differentiating itself from other companies. Ultimately, CEO Jeffrey Immelt must bare the ultimate responsibility for this lackluster performance.

In addition, this external factor presents opportunities for GE to further diversify its businesses in other industries where digital industrial technologies are increasingly needed.

Both the featured company and the case study sponsor reviewed this case study prior to publication.

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Combining data from more equipment lets GE help their customers avoid analytical myopiawhere pursuit of isolated gains can distract from the bigger picture. Using the previous example of bearing failure due to over-lubrication, the likely outcomes for bearing failure could include:.

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Given the current market situation with stable fuel prices, it is expected that the company will gradually increase its expenditures on oil and gas to increase its market shares in different locations. GE learned that if it washed the engines more frequently, they stayed much healthier. But by pulling in massive amounts of data and using fleet analytics, GE was able to cluster engine data by operating environment. This talent management approach provided employees with necessary business knowledge and functional skills, enabling a structural change which also spread the GE training in different centers. Since the number of generator users is expected to increase in India, with Sravanthi Energy also willing to increase its power supply up to 3, MW, gas and wind energy would be welcomed by investors, due to its reduction of risks, favoring investments in long run GE Annual Report, That same year, GE executives began to think there could be a market opportunity for Predix, much as Amazon. Available BusinessWire In order to analyze the company strategy, the author referred to different market news and the company sources as well as to other authors who provide in-depth understanding of the company and its theoretical background. In the following example the operator in a particular area used too much lubricant which resulted in a premature bearing failure on a pump. Current and pending regulations include process, documentation, data management and integration, risk, communication, and continuous improvement regulations. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats SWOT in this case of General Electric emphasize the necessity of a strategic approach to grow and expand the business in the face of rapidly changing industry environments. Third, GE knows their cards, and they are not bluffing.

The next step is making the tech available to hospitals and clinics everywhere to help with rehabilitation. Subscribe to our GE Brief Please enter a valid email address!

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For example, if an oil and gas customer has a problem with a turbo compressor, a heat exchanger upstream from that compressor may be the original cause of the problem. For example, GE applies new strategies to reduce the impact of organizational weaknesses in penetrating the electric lighting market. Transition 2: Analytics helps organizations transition from myopic to holistic. Management personnel must consider the following opportunities available to General Electric Company: Growth based on digital technology adoption in all industries Growth in the renewable energy market Growth in developing markets The adoption of digital technologies in all industries presents opportunities for the further growth of General Electric. The supporting, smaller-investment equipment often did not warrant the cost of instrumentation and data gathering. In this case of General Electric, such factors represent the various industries where the conglomerate operates. These systems are the information systems that we use to help us make better decisions. That same year, GE executives began to think there could be a market opportunity for Predix, much as Amazon. Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Asset Productivity GE had spent years developing analytic applications to improve the productivity and reliability of its own equipment, with oversight from GE global monitoring centers. He can be reached at sam.

This helps attract quality inputs and sustain relationships with its key suppliers. Additionally, these types of digital conversations and sales decisions now involve new customer participants.

Ultimately, CEO Jeffrey Immelt must bare the ultimate responsibility for this lackluster performance.

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Every small step is work, but it adds up to advantage.

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General Electric Company (GE) SWOT Analysis & Recommendations