Consumer behaviour case study pricelinecom

Consumer behaviour case study pricelinecom

The answer to that, is that Priceline. Retaining existing consumers is easier than making new one. Perception determines what the user sees and what he feels. User evaluates the alternatives in terms of functionality and psychological benefits. Thus, the results of this study can be valid globally based on representation. But they're unpredictable and not very loyal customers. They focus more on the brand, quality, quantity and price of a product rather than product appeals. Thus, there is a need for understanding e-commerce from the point of view of consumers. When Priceline was the only store on the block, minimal advertising expense brought maximum results. To encourage the consumer intent to purchase, the marketing organization can use a variety of techniques: opportunities for credit, deferred payment or promotions. Option 5: Combination of option 1, 2, and 3.

Significance of pricing policy in influencing customer behaviour: In addition to measures of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty Amazon needs to focus on customer orientation too.

There are probably customers who wish a faster response mechanism for quotes. To facilitate global trade various schemes for transaction of electronic money have been introduced. Option 5: Combination of option 1, 2, and 3. Awareness of the Internet startup had grown almost 50 percent Assignment: Outline the potential problems facing organizations who wish to develop a revenue stream from B2C e-commerce words - 12 pages internal factors quality problem of materials, machine broken down and internal factors i.

The products must be readily available at all small and big retail stored with a Home delivery option. In addition to this, the researcher will reflect upon the discussion raised under research issue.

The main task of the study of consumer behaviour and how they affect nearby establishment is to assess individual groups such as family, friends and society as a whole.

How do competitors tackle this demand and where their weaknesses lie? According to the strategy, the odd dealers of the company were asked to strengthen their manpower, increase the salaries of their sales agents, and offer them better incentives They need to find a new strategy for their brand in order to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Therefore Value for money pricing must be used to attract customers as both the elderly and middle aged people have a restricted budget. case study questions and answers
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Marketing Reading: Consumer Behavior and the Buying Process