Fox and hound

Meanwhile, Tod and Vixey emerge from Vixey's burrow, having spent the night there.

Fox and hound

Copper spends the entire day with Cash, forgetting his promise to watch fireworks with Tod. Amos and Chief chase him until they are confronted by Widow. Tod and Vixey attempt to exit out the other end. Corey Feldman as Young Copper Production Development Wolfgang Reitherman read the original novel and found it particularly touching because one of his sons had once owned a pet fox years before. Over the span of the two animals' lives, man and dog hunt the fox, the Master using over a dozen hunting techniques in his quest for revenge. As Vixey decides to cheer him up, Big Mama thinks the idea is perfect. She allows Tod to be her friend and stay with her in the forest. The Fox and the Hound has been the last film which was worked on with animation legends like Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston , two members of Walt Disney's original " Nine Old Men " who has also worked on this film, with it being the last film for both, as well as the first film for future Disney leaders like Tim Burton The Nightmare Before Christmas , Brad Bird The Incredibles , Ratatouille and Glen Keane , who has animated the bear in this film, and later worked on other animated films like The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast , in which he designed the beast. Tod first tries to impress Vixey by catching a fish, only to fail, causing Vixey and the other animals of the game preserve to laugh at him. Tod initially enjoys his life, but when he reaches sexual maturity he returns to the wild. The porcupine points out that Mr. Tod is brought home by his owner, Widow Tweed. It's also a look at the lives of hunting dogs and foxes. He is once again asked to consider living in a nursing home, and this time he agrees.

Chief is killed by the train. The aging Tod escapes all three events, as well as an attempt at coursing him with greyhounds.

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The Master ignores Copper to heap praise on Chief and Copper's hatred and jealousy grow. As he walks, he becomes unsettled. They get along very well once Tod admits his lack of survival skills. It was also the final Disney film to have all the credits in the title sequence as opposed to having end credits and have the words, "The End. Digger shouldn't be grumpy to a newcomer, to which the badger responds by telling Tod to "go back where you came from". She is shot, and we hear gunshots twice. Nevertheless, Bluth and the new animators felt that Reitherman was too stern and out of touch, [11] and on his 42nd birthday, September 13, , Bluth, along with Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy, entered Ron Miller's office and turned in their resignation. With each hunt, both dog and fox learn new tricks and methods to outsmart each other, Tod always escaping in the end.

Animator Don Bluth animated several scenes including of Widow Tweed milking her cow, Abigail, while his team worked on the rest of the sequence, and when Tweed fires at Amos Slade's automobile.

The next morning, Big Mama comes looking for Tod, and finds Vixeya beautiful female fox of Tod's age, who is clearly good friends with Big Mama. That winter, the Master sets out leg hold trapswhich Tod carefully learns how to spring, but the vixen is caught and killed.

Vixey coughs and tells Tod that they're trapped and that she's scared.

the fox and the hound ending

Chief awakens and alerts Amos Slade, and as a chase ensues, Copper catches Tod, but decides to let Tod go, then diverts Chief and Amos since he did not want them to kill Tod, who creeps out a woodpile and runs across a high railroad bridge for home, but bumps into Chief, who is blocking his path there.

There's also a line in a song, "from our sadness, happiness grew," showing that sorrow over loss and loneliness can be a window to new beginnings.

He decided that it would make for a good animated feature for which production began in spring A reprint by Pocket Books followed in While playing with Copper at his home, Tod accidentally awakens Chief. While being raised by humans he has not been childhood friends with Copper and none of the animals spoke.

The fox and the hound have a ferocious fight with a bear ending in a fall off a waterfall cliff.

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