Google products essay

Google products essay

Reference: Maximum Performance: A practical Guide to Learning and Managing People At work by: Nick Forster from Page 21 Usually there are no set of rules for the company which make it a perfect company, leader keep a sharp watch on every event which has been happening and make changes in the soft rule of the company time to time in Google. Google do not succeed in every project but they never gave up and always learn form their bad experience, but leadership has played significant role in successful projects to make them so. If a company like Google has a good reputation regarding with the employees then it will encourage the most brilliant people to come and join your organization. The founders first started their search company in a dorm room and a garage but now the company is now known as a best search engine and it has more than seventy offices in more than forty countries in the whole world This shift in the job market is reflected in how work environments are set up and operate. For other uses, see Google disambiguation. Google only gets money when people click on the link, so it tries to know as much about people as possible to only show the advertisement to the "right people". Google has its office all around the world so it does not matter that where you live. Sirotta was the nephew of an American mathematician named Edward Kasner Google, , 1 The company name Google was created in reference to the actual number googol which is represented by a number followed by zeroes. For the search engine, see Google Search. To ensure the right decisions made, they must complete external and internal analysis.

After the initial rush into this new-found gold mine, the advantages of the World Wide Web were apparent to all who came to know and love it. Google takes its every employee important at work place. Google was so far confined till various dimensions of technological advancement, but now it has diversified its functioning in order to make sure that it does not suffer losses if one of the dimensions faces a downward slope.

Money as motivation: according to this theory money can be great motivation for people. Google opened expansive opportunities to each and every user around the world from its inception in by Sergey Brin and Larry Page Ojala, They control and provide right directions to their employees at every required step so as to ensure that all the efforts are being initiated in the right directions.

How Google makes money[ change change source ] Google makes money by advertising. Revenue is generated by delivering relevant, cost-effective online advertising.

Google is big revenue generating company of the work so it will be a great experience to work with the one of the world's big company.

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Google pays well to its employees and spend a great amount of its income to its employees.

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