How 2 write a slam book

Studying currently for my class X boards!!!! Hottest person in IF? Proud to be a Josephite!

Slam book online

Favorite Actor n actress post one only? What's the best advice you've given or been given? Paagal hai?? I remembered her words and went to her class to get her autograph to which she smiled. If you are alone in Island and you have only one partner to choose.. What are your hobbies? I was always fascinated by this Slam Book thing.

I always loved those special messages and good wishes that my friends wrote for me. I'm ur ultimate virgo so u can look up in any astrology book if u wanna know abt me.

Who looks like a used car saleman? I have the bestest friends in the whole world.

slam book online

Thankyou for being Angels in our lives! I bought my first Slam Book when I was in Grade 5. When we were in class I noticed a tall didi who was in 10std came to our class with this book.

Discribe yourself in 3 sentance?

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