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Other evidences of the time of the story are the references to persecution of the Quakers by Brown's grandfather the s and King Philip's War [primarily a massacre of Indians by colonists [ John Brown's father was a deeply religious man who strongly believed that slavery was wrong and should be abolished.

As a child Harriet Tubman worked very hard due to her strength, she was trusted by her master often times she worked in the homes and the field. Martin Luther King Jr. To truly get a better understanding of the house and explain our experience it is necessary to explain how the house was conceived and how it withstood the test of time; as well as give a brief inside look into the life of the owner John Brown himself and see how he foot mark on the planet Inin retaliation for the sack of Lawrence, he led the murder of five proslavery men on the banks of the Pottawatomie River.

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He regarded this Massacre is actions aiming to cancel slavery. He has been called a blatant liar as well as a man of strong convictions, all in the same breath.

It is known that John Brown was tried and executed by the state of Virginia court. During the s, a man by the name of John Brown got heavily involved in abolishing slavery and would help change the history of slaves forever. He believed that his bold raid would help slaves to gain a desire to fight the injustice. It is now realized that Brown was key to end of slavery. Besides, there were about breech-loading, 52 caliber Sharps carbines and about pikes sent by the Northern abolitionists Dickson, , p. This law would make it immensely difficult for slaves to successfully escape slavery. Newspapers of those times reflected the spirit of the epoch and did not support actions which could bring damage to the structure of the country. Although many people did not agree with the way he acted against slavery they had a change in mind later when the Civil War ended.

The film, Santa Fe Trail, released instarring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, and Raymond Massey as John Brown, is an effective pro-American film that presented John Brown as a fanatical madman committing unjust and illegal violent acts, with murder and mayhem, on behalf of the abolitionists that precipitated the American Civil War.


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His use of allegory as well as symbolism makes Hawthorne one of the most studied writers. He didnt do all of the killings and raids because of an obsession or just because he could. Slavery was a big part of the southern lifestyle because a vast majority of the people owned farms with slaves. He knows what affect and toll it would take on people to see their own kind to stand up and fight for equality of a different race. He came from an antislavery family which added to his want to free the slaves. Horwitz was born Washington D. His mother's sister died with it, and a daughter of that sister has been two years in a lunatic asylum.
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