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And despite the spending, investments are often fragmented and see a lack of returns. For example, what are the capabilities we need to build next? Prove the return on your leadership investment.

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Accelerate Leadership Growth Based on your leadership priorities and gaps, you must decide which programs and initiatives to build or improve upon so you can stock and grow your pipeline of exceptional leaders.

You must enshrine acceptance of failure — and willingness to admit failure early — in the practices and processes of the company, including the appraisal and promotion processes. Accenture calls this "stewardship" and they reinforce to managers that they must "leave work each day making Accenture a better organization.

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By doing this, they build execution into the culture. High-Performers invest in leadership development. In that way, strategic leaders make it easy for others to share ideas by encouraging new ways of thinking and explicitly asking for advice.

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They also need to learn how to manage the tensions associated with uncertainty, and how to recover from failure to try new ventures again. Human capital teams can help by training individuals in these practices and ensuring that all managers support their team members who take the time to reflect.

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DDI can help you clarify the factors that affect the supply and demand of leadership talent in your organization and identify the type and quantity of leaders you need. Best players in a team do not guarantee success without a great coach, similarly, work teams may not function effectively if leaders do not follow an appropriate leadership strategy. High performing companies understand that execution takes place at the grass roots level. This is perhaps the most important thing they do. They know which leadership style is to be adopted in a particular situation. It's not all about the CEO. While on the job experience matters a lot, getting enrolled into leadership courses after detailed evaluation of the program and feedback of the participants will help implementing a leadership style more effectively. Assign mentors with experience to help them make the most of their effort — without sidetracking it. To avoid this pattern, deliberately give yourself a constructive question to reflect on. In case a leader has a self-reliant team, he needs to be using a directive leadership style or lead form the front. Of organizations with effective strategies, 56 percent have overall high leadership quality versus 20 percent with less-effective strategies. The company promotes from within and continues to promote a leadership culture of customer service, safety, and entrepreneurship. If the CEO doesn't push his or her leadership strategy down effectively, it wont take hold. While I'm sure Sam Palmisano had much to do with driving this forward, now the company has deep roots of leadership from which to grow this base.

Only when that message reaches the troops will the company turn around.

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Create a Strong Leadership Strategy To Meet Business Priorities