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Only then do you have the power to focus on your challenges and opportunities more mindfully — and that changes everything. Try to identify the situation which had some unforeseen consequence which spirals down to a great failure.

Questions about attitude and behavior

Choose wisely and intentionally. In this question asked in an interview, the employer tries to examine the level of confidence and knowledge about a field or work in a candidate, if a candidate is really sure of his part in this particular field of work and explains all the necessary elements related to the work, then it shows his positive energy regarding his work. This makes room for a change of state, for something new to enter. Just as easily you can create a scale with items touching upon political or social topics, religion, or other important issues of the day. Time management is the key to being successful in any job. People come to me for information on new products. Or, if your job holds a key position then you should mention about your previous experiences where you hold responsibility. Nobody is interested in working with a person who has nothing to say except work. You hold a bitterness towards life in general. In other words, start subtracting… the habits, routines and thoughts that are holding you back. And the questions we ask ourselves drive the meaning we create and the attitude we have about everything. Likert scale, for all of its uses does have some drawbacks. It does nothing but steal your joy and keep you very busy doing absolutely nothing at all. Letting go of old ideals makes way for new opportunities. These will be discussed, along with other options for measuring importance, in future posts.

It is just as simple as saying yes and yes. Students primed to feel happy before taking math tests substantially outperform their neutral peers. Tell me something interesting about yourself? It does nothing but steal your joy and keep you very busy doing absolutely nothing at all. Then what can be the objective behind asking such a behavior interview question?

Life is unending growth, there is no final destination, this journey is about constant growth and the journey is all there is — you can either be aligned with this journey and thus have a smooth experience, or you can be constantly rooted in resistance and have a miserable experience.

What else would you be able to accomplish? Be funny and creative and ridiculous and joyful all at the same time. Here are four powerful questions that will support you with a positive attitude adjustment when you need it most: 1.

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Sometimes it is possible that some of the candidates are overconfident about themselves and make mistakes at the end of the interview. Every person is aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.

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The power of this technique is that it works across disciplines — it is just as applicable to a social science construct as it is a marketing one.

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Measure Attitude with Likert Scale Survey Question