Spanish text analysis

Alzate, M.

Lexicon for sentiment analysis

The proposal has been tested in real textual data available from the comments introduced in a weblog connected to administrative issues in a public education institution. Said work develops a tool called Tom that uses a lexicon created semi-automatically by translating from an existing lexicon in English. Table 4 illustrates a summary of the articles reviewed. Alonso, C. Gutierrez, J. E-mail: chenriquez uac. The first shows the article reference and the second column, the year of publication. John, F.

Martin-Valdivia and J. Aussenac-Gilles, A. To use the same techniques and language models that work for English sentiment analysis when conducting Spanish sentiment analysis would yield terribly inaccurate results.

tass sentiment analysis

Fiol, J. Ortega and L.

sentiment analysis python

Verbs, nouns and adjectives, provide the cues necessary to determine sentiment. Baccianella, A. Urena-Lopez and R.

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Rill, D. Garcia and M. Banea and R. Rodriguez, L.

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A Review of Sentiment Analysis in Spanish