Stem cell therapy for diabetes essay

Taken from the embryo at the blastocyst stage, ES cells are pluripotent. Although approved therapies that enhance beta-cell function exist, there are none that lead to the regeneration of the lost or dysfunctional beta-cell [ 4 ].

Stem cell therapy for diabetes essay

This image shows the transplanted pancreatic beta cells derived from human embryonic stem cells. This article provides an overview of the various approaches used to regenerate pancreas in patients with diabetes, recent advances including our contributions and also a novel approach that may be explored in future. These cells are sent to a laboratory to be stimulated to proliferate for a month and are later infused into the patient through a gelatinous solution of approximately ml; there is no need for chemotherapy. Moreover, the number of trials was relatively small, and more accurate recommendations could be made when analyzing a larger cohort. As Table 1 Effect of different immunomodulatory therapies on insulin-free period in patients with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes mellitus Full size table Since , studies have been published on acute immunomodulating therapies that are theoretically aimed at providing longer immunologic effect. Human ES cell lines were first reported in by Prof. Intensive insulin therapy does not normalize glycosylated hemoglobin values and may cause severe hypoglycemia. Neonatal amnion cells and umbilical cord cells have low immunogenicity and do not express HLA class II antigens. As the paper states the use of insulin producing cells from human or rat adipose tissue —derived stem cells transduced with pancreatic duodenal homeobox can could cure type 1 diabetes. This study also demonstrated another important issue: there is a reverse relationship between C-peptide levels endogenous indicator of insulin secretion chronic complications - that is, the higher the C-peptide levels, the lower the incidence of nephropathy, retinopathy and hypoglycemia. In a new study published in the journal Stem Cell Reports, researchers reveal how a combination of stem cell transplantation and antidiabetic medication successfully treated mice with type 2 diabetes.

Stem Cell Research - Advantages and Disadvantages The list of sources of stem cells advantages and disadvantages are cited in the Table 2. While the latter outlook comes from the progress made in treating or preventing many conditions or diseases the former, on the other hand, stems from the idea that stem cell research is unethical since it requires the destruction of embryos during their early stages of development Imagine being one of the many individuals debilitated by injury or disease who have resigned themselves to the fact that it is a permanent affliction.

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Kieffer and colleagues note, however, that such treatments can cause gastrointestinal problems, weight gain and low blood glucose levels, and some patients may not even respond to them. In addition, intra-pancreatic delivery of human UCB in mice resulted in the engraftment of a higher number of infused cells, leading to islet regeneration and increased insulin release [ 52 ].

The laboratory methods, like culture conditions and methods of cell numbering, have to be better thought of and more uniformly standardized, and the interpretation of the results should be done critically.

The disease is caused by a metabolic disorder of the endocrine system, and long-term illness can lead to tissue and organ damage to the cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous, and urinary systems. Progenitor cell are very similar to stem cells. Characterization of human umbilical cord lining derived epithelial cells and transplant potential.

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Theoretically, stem cells could be induced in the laboratory to become any specialized body cell type, including pancreatic islet cells, and then transplanted back into a patient to replace diseased or damaged tissue 2.

They have self-renewing properties and some of the cells are pluripotent, meaning they can divide and form different types of tissues King et al,

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Stem Cell Therapy Essay