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In these instances the appropriate field s is filled with asterisks. Tide gauges also capture a variety of oceanic and geodetic phenomena at many time and space scales. Considerations when interpreting tide gauge data 3. Predictions may be generated up to two years in advance. The data table below the map is live, clicking on any highlighted cell blue text will bring up either a table or plot of the relevant data, depending on which cell is accessed. Lowest Astronomical Tide LAT is defined as the lowest level that can occur due to the astronomical tide. Tide predictions are available here Important information when viewing table of live data. Years of Record. Lawrence River fresh water runoff, the atmospheric forcing, and the sea ice drift, growth and melt. For chart records, the monthly instantaneous extreme levels are taken directly from the chart. Peltier, ]. For example, mean sea level along the California coast did not rise during the last two decades [e.

In these instances the appropriate field s is filled with asterisks. Where the gauge source data is from OPW stations please refer to www.

First, tide gauges are necessarily located along continental and island coasts, and the ocean interior is poorly sampled.

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Tide gauges also sample water level at the coastline directly, while altimeters perform poorly within km of the coast due to issues with the wet troposphere correction near land. The monthly mean is also computed from the hourly levels in each month, but only for months with at least 20 days of data.

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Roll out of GSM enabled data logging and telecommunications equipment for the central collection of data. Land motion can also vary over short distances, and using GPS data from a receiver that is not precisely co-located with a tide gauge may lead to erroneous conclusions.

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The simple map below serves to illustrate the monitoring sites red dots where tidal monitoring equipment is installed.

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Tidal Observations